Organics: Good For You, Good For The Environment

When you drink a glass of Tart Is Smart organic cherry juice, all you notice is the delicious, sweet-tart taste. Yet, you’re actually doing something good for you – and good for the environment! With the refreshing flavor of ruby red Montmorency cherries, our organic extract is brimming with 17 antioxidants, including melatonin. With other natural, anti-inflammatory agents that may support joint and brain function, it’s a natural part of your healthy diet.

Produced under stringent standards, Tart Is Smart organic cherry juice is made from just one ingredient: fresh cherries – and perhaps a little sunshine. There are no added liquids, sugars, or preservatives of any kind. Of course, it is kosher. At the same time, the organic growing process protects our land, returning rich nutrients to the soil and protecting our water and air supplies. It’s an ideal way to sustain the land for future generations.

Organics is a growing sector of the market. And Tart Is Smart is proud to be part of this blossoming trend, with our cherry extract. We’re also looking at the potential for additional organic products!
Tart Is Smart – it’s the natural choice in pure and wholesome organic juice!